Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh God give me a reason....

For a very long time I didn't post anything since everything turn to be something else,something that I didn't expect and dream. I know it is hard and it's new life. I got to believe that this is the best thing suit me. I'm trying and keep my head high even there is no shiny hope on this.

So what already happen was something that I will remember and save that for the next time. There is always next time and I'm promise to keep that thing happen as long as I can make it.
End of this year it is time for me to keep moving again. Two years Im waiting with hope so that I can be a Pilot one day.

Now let begin the new start, new environment, new friends,new hope,new me and I'm hoping that I gained something. Better late then never.....

After I finished Certified Accounting Technician course, I will prepare again and apply for MAS sponsorship. I have to get ready,steady and go... 1 and 1/2 year . My dream still remain the same and I will fulfill it.