Thursday, October 15, 2009

OCT huh!!!

I think i forgot that I have a blog. Before this everyday I check my blog and try to post something new on it even it doesnt sound good. Maybe I just excited to post before this, right now felt very lazy to check my blog.

Everything doesnt sound good for me now. I keep waiting for good news to come and I can give a big smile on my face. But that not gonna turn me down and giving up. Waiting for this 24th oct, need a bless and I want to realized my dream.

New thing that makes me stay at home right now is playing flight simulator. A joystick help me to fly well, thanks to Adeeb for giving me that thing (you never said anything when you give it to me??hahaha)

Still i dont know what more I can add in...

Good luck for all what we are doing now

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