Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look at your watch,see the time and you can feel how we must appreciate time..hhehe..its been a while since i wrote my last post...i heard that the flydamnit forum is being shut down..??very sad,coz lots of useful information i can get from that forum...anyway good luck for all pilot wannabe...lets get higher and higher..never give up... mood : strong..hehe

Monday, May 4, 2009


5 May 2009,cold night,rain drop can be heard from the outside, laid on the bed while fingers moving and typing something that came from my mind with the feeling from the heart.
Suddenly i feel uncomfortable with my life right now.I'm trying to improve my life and doing something that i can be proud of to my family. If this is my fate,i have to faced it. Something that i plan is not go to work as i planned. Hopefully something good will happen and God please give me a strength...

Let it be.....