Friday, April 10, 2009

Yeah,old friends come back


For me this is very important VIP best friend at langkawi will be coming home this MEI...Many important things to share with him and of course about aviation since he is MAS cadet pilot. He also bringing home his books and important notes about Private Pilot License (PPL).
I have studied that thing a little bit but need some explanation. This is the best time for me to understand more.

About my friend,i know him since i was on the secondary school. We were best friend till now.He also in my age and our house not so far.Remember when we finished our SPM papers,we hang out everyday.But still got topic to talked even we hang out for 6-8 hours..haha...He enter MAS cadet last 2 month at HMAerospace Langkawi. Lucky him,he got MAS cadet. He helped me a lot for applying to be private cadet.I know about MARA loan for pilot also from him.Thats what friend for.Thank you my friend for the very useful information.

Good luck then

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