Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let it be...

Playing basketball at night also our activities

If u heard on the radio Era 'Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal'
that is our lecture Prof Izi (Business Math lecturer)

In the UiTM Fine Dining

On the right Tariq Iskandar, winner of Nestle competition

UiTM Dungun is the best place,it is situated in front of the beach

I became waiter during 'Ramadhan',this picture taken after the break fast k...

I have doing nothing for 3 months past. Since I decided to reach the sky without my own wing (with plane wing). Many things had happened recently. My old friends at Uitm will graduate this May. Congratulation to all my friends, Diploma Culinary Art , hopefully all of you will find job and good luck for your future. Thank you for the enjoyment that we had together and without cooperation nothing will success, in the kitchen cooperation between each other is important. Congratulation to Tariq Iskandar because became the winner in the Nestle competition, become Le Meridein apprentice and has been offered to continue study in Culinary Art at Switzerland.

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