Thursday, April 2, 2009

april is not fool...huhu

the most beautiful gift for my visit to KL.tanx syg...i still love u in the morning..hehe

Im so tired after 8 days at kl doing my things and preparation.i went to MARA last week,and they still cant give the solution for cadet pilot loan and waiting for budget from government.
Maybe end of this April they will announce the result either hold, continue or stop...
If they hold the loan,i understand it is because of the economy is slow right now and Malaysia also feel the effect . Then if they stop,i understand, maybe this is my fate. i dont have any 'cable' in MARA so very hard for me. Just waiting and waiting again.

I also done my medical checkup class one at MAS medical centre,subang.It cost RM168 and it takes 2 hours to finish my all the check. Only me at that medical centre are not MAS staffs that day.Others wearing id card staff,mine 'visitor' only..huhu.. Alhamdulillah i fit for the pilot course.hehe....

The rest of my time at kl i finished with spending time with my girlfriend. Love her so much and thank you for everything.

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