Sunday, April 12, 2009

Addicted to Forum Flydamnit

suitable for those who are going to be a pilot.this is the kick start

Hye there.As u can see im also addicted to this thing name forum.Forum flydamnit.I know this from my friend.In this forum you will find all about aviation such as aircraft,flying school,pilot,engineer and other thing that beyond your imagination.haha.If u asked something there will be a forumer will reply your question.

There also real pilot from MAS,Air Asia,firefly and others like engineers such as License Aircraft Engineer (LAE) to help u with ur question.Not to forget cadet pilot also in there.
This forum is very useful and good for aviator..haha..About MARA thing,i also know it from here.With simple registration process u will be a flydamnit member in 1 second.Give it a try,especially for those who want to know about aviation.

i still dont know why the forum name is flydamnit??..huhuh


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