Monday, March 9, 2009

DCA Approval letter

I use to write about this since i found it is difficult for newbies to find an example letter for DCA...
This should make them easier to understand and to apply for approval from DCA...

What is DCA all about??DCA means??First of all DCA is DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION located at Putrajaya...It handle all about aviation,we need DCA approval first to enroll in any flying school...after you have received their acceptance letter ,then you can apply to any flying school that you prefer the best.

This is an example letter:

(your address)

Capt. Dato’ Yahya bin Abdul Rahman
Director of Flight Operations
Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia
Level 2, Blok Podium B
Lot 4G4, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62570 PUTRAJAYA (date)

Dear Sir,


I am (your name) and my IC number is (------------) would like to enrol into an
Integrated CPL/IR (Frozen ATPL) course.

A certified true copy of my SPM result and my MyKad are enclosed for your kind perusal.

I would be grateful if a DCA Letter of Approval can be issued to me so as to enable me to
enrol for the course.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

i/c number

Then you send this letter to them using the address that stated above...Dont forget to
include your copy of SPM result and IC.make sure your copy it is certified...

Then just wait for them to reply...To make sure they got your letter,give them a call after
a week

I edit this letter that i got from APFT website

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