Monday, February 9, 2009

9 days more

So sad,today i started to feel alone...My best friend, mr cupik cukipee, just fly to langkawi to pursue his dream. good luck to him and all the best. For your info,he also taking ATPL license at HMA langkawi. He entered that flying school by joining MAS cadet. He spent 1 year for psychomotor and psychometric test,interview and medical checkup. Lastly,he managed to get the title 'MAS cadet'. He will be report at langkawi this 16th february. Hope to see you sucess at langkawi.

For me,still counting days for APFT briefing... Just waiting at home without nothing to do. Hope i can find something to do for next 3 months.

things that i have done for joining pilot :

[]dca approval letter
[]interview with flying school
[]offer letter from flying school

things that i need to do after this 19 feb :

[]get the form for MARA loan
[]apply mara loan
[]interview with mara
[]sign agreement
[]register with APFT this 25 may 2008

insyallah,with GOD will,i can enroll in this aviation world soon...

For those who wanting to be a pilot,just be strong and never give up.


  1. wei kapten pokyie nti ak nk gi mano2 aku helo ko mung deh??....haha..
    gud luck bro..askum

  2. gudluck la bro.
    weh apply mara dlulu baru dapat loan.
    ko tau aku sape?
    he he he.
    carik logo burung wane biru kat FD.

    insyaallah.i shall see u this may.

    eh aku br wat blog tau

  3. weh pokyi ado blog xoyak ktku pun.. perahsia pokyi nih.. heheheh


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