Wednesday, January 28, 2009

back to dungun

good morning, hehe,it is early in the morning...i must learned to dicispline my self and get ready mental and physical before joining Asia Pacific Flight Training. Hope to be the best cadet. Thats my target.i am very grateful and feel very thankful for Allah for giving me the chance and light for joining aviation world.

Im going for briefing this 19 feb and still waiting for that date. Because at that time,my life path will be set... hope to join apft this 25th may,depend on the vacancies. To booked that place i must pay 15k.Who paying that amount early,they will get the place.Alhamdulillah my father agreed to pay that amount after i had persuade him..hehe,maybe he pity on me and he also want to see i sucess in my life..i also want to be in a professional job.Thank God for blessing me...

See u after 2 weeks....i will be back to kota bharu before 18th going to dungun for quitting uitm Dungun and see all my friends first.thats all from me,till then good luck for those who in this aviation world...assalamualaikum and have a nice day :))

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  1. all the best pokyi.hope u'l' make it just like another pilot.:)


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