Sunday, January 25, 2009

19 feb my destination...

Alhamdulillah after all my hard work doing this aviation plan,my progress is 75% now...

this how it goes

1.applying dca approval -approved(3 weeks waiting for the letter)

2.applying flyin school asia pacific flight training (after 1 month received their call) their letter and going to briefing this 19february...registration and receive offer letter...

Thank to God...All that i dream when i was child come true...Even i have done wrong in the first step but still not to late to change..Wish for what u want and pray to God,Insyallah He will help us as His servant...I'm satisfy with what i am now.i changed a lot. try to be dicisplined and always motivated .i'm also trying to fulfill the 5 times solat.Because all what we got is from Him.

Anxious for this 19feb,many things will also gonna quit from uitm just to joined this cadet pilot program. Thanks for those who supporting me especially my mum and mummy who understand what i want after all this.without them,maybe im lost doing things that i shouldnt do.

i maybe joining this program on may i my parents can afford to pay the deposit 15k.hehe.i have to sell my car (iswara) just to get the money. so sad but im doing this for my future.

thats all from me for now.Insyallah after this there will be more..

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