Friday, November 27, 2009

Have a nice day....

Papadom - this is a mamak food that serve with nasi kandar...what else it should be?
A good story and lessons for those who will be 'papa'..hehe...this movie title came from 'papa' - refer to the main character while 'dom' is the main character name Saddom...'papadom' a movie that you should watch,it is not about the food but the way of life that we gonna face afterward...So the writer try to make the audience feel to appreciate more what we have today before it is gone or if its already gone we must appreciate what we have now and life must goes on....

The story start when Saddom selling nasi kandar at Pulau Penang with his wife. Then their customer interested to make papadom more well known..So Saddom business getting better while his wife and daughter been forgotten because he busy with his work and collecting money for their better future..One day something happen...the story getting more interesting in this part..For more information please watch this movie la...hehe

Im not good in story telling...

off topic,

For God sake,i have waiting for 9 months...heard that next year will not be the same to me...hehe..hopefully...i cant wait to start my training...

dont forget to watch Papadom k....

Monday, November 2, 2009

flight simulator just getting better...

Long time not posting anything,just want to share new thing that keep me for not posting new post..huhuh...Flight Simulator X (FSX) ...

Many things that I learned from that even it is only a simulation.There are also a Lesson for Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and Airline Transport Private License.

1st i played without joystick,make me feel sick la...feel like im not going to be a pilot.After I got a joystick,wow,really interesting and make u in front of laptop for hours..Joystick from Logitech Attack 3 really help,i borrow from my friend and at computer shop it cost RM68 ...The one with rudder on the joystick cost RM150++ ,that joystick will give more satisfaction la i think...

For more satisfaction i add one more monitor for the instruments and one for visual...

For those who never try FSX u must try this...


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I copy and paste from flylah forum posted by muhaimin86 ....My

kena tunggu perkembangan PEMBENTANGAN EKONOMI 2010 ni..

kena give attention to these things..

1) BAJET untuk Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar (KPLB)
2) Brape KPLB bagi untuk setiap agensi bawah dia (termasuk la MARA)
3) Brape MARA dapat
4) Daripada jumlah yang MARA dapat 75% adalah untuk Bhgn Penganjuran Pelajaran
5) Kalo 2009, 700juta MARA dapat.. 550juta untuk Bahagian Penganjuran Pelajaran dan 60-70 kadet pilot (1 sesi interview) dapat loan (70 x 250k = 17.5 juta)
6) Rumors kata bajet dikurangkan untuk tahun 2010.. Let say MARA dapat 500juta.. Bhgn Penganjuran Pelajaran akan dapat 375juta.. maknenye penurunan 32% daripada 2009.. so katakan kadet pilot pon tolak 32%.. maknenye Mara akan taja 52-53 orang.. dengan jumlah angaran pinjaman (53 x 250k = 13.25juta)

sume yang aku bgtau td tu, kalo berdasarkan bajet yang mara dapat.. tapi, kalo ikut pegawai mara (nama dirahsiakan).. ada bebrapa perkara lain pasal pgrm pinjaman untuk pilot ni..

masalah pertama.. byk flying school ada pblm..
1) ada yang ada aicraft tapi kena ground sebab tak lepas DCA airworthiness certificate = takde aircraft.. (usually amek masa 3-4 bulan nak dapat part dan repair dan mohon certificate tu)
2) yang takde instructor = takle nak proceed ground school pon.. (syarat nak amek exam DCA mesti ada instructor yang assign untuk each papers supaya paper exam boleh release kat student)
3) flying school takde agreement pon dgn Mara = mara takle bagi pinjaman kat kadet dia la.. (takde makne la mohon mara pon)
4) flying school sentese naikkan harga minyak kapal terbang (kerosin) = yuran jadi makin mahal (padahal harga market murah jer dari yan FA jual kat kadet)

jadi, korang rajin2 la masuk forum flying school yang korang nak enroll.. tny kadet2 yang dah masuk kat situ ape masalah flying school korang.. kalo terpakse merendah diri nak tny setiap orang pon takpe.. yang penting korang dapat info yang betul.. kadet2 besenye akan cite masalah kat FA.. kalo masalah stkt makan tak sedap tu takpe la.. kalo yang besar2 tu baik la withdraw.. sebab mara mungkin tanak taja lagi da FA yang byk pblm..

so, skrg masalah kedua..
1) job market - mara punye budak yang dah dapat tajaan.. batch 1-2 dah grad.. takde keje lagi.. cume 3-4 orang jer yang dah keje..
2) pangarah baru - dia kata pgrm pinjaman pilot akan diteruskan bile budak yang dah grad mula byr.. baca balik (1)
3) ekonomi recession - keje kat airline on masih tak bertambah walopon kadet pilot dah semakin ramai 9 currently +-200 kadet garduate every 2 months from 7 FA in malaysia.. in future pon tak nampak lagi, bile ekonomi nak ok..
4) airlines pon ada kadet dorg - MAS + MARA.. skrg ni, MARA taja sume kadet2 MAS.. maknenye MAS nak pilot jer MARA akan taja.. Kemungkinan untuk amek pilot yang grad sendiri (private cadet) kecik la..

Good things..
1) Air asia dah start fly g US.. nak pakai pilot
2) Airasia beli kapal terbang.. 2010-2011 akan start dapat.. ada few yang long haul punyer aircraft = pilot yang ada akan naik pangkat.. ada lubang kosong untuk new pilots (first officer position will be available)

Good thing gone bad..
1) airasia pon dah slow dengan intake kadet airasia (aku pon apply kadet airasia.. dah 3 bulan inerview, masih takde yang dipanggil)
2) byk kapal terbang, tapi LCCT dah terlalu padat.. ada aircraft pon airasia terpaksa hold on sampai la airasia dapat bina LCCT kedua (bile? - taktau lagi, government pon tanak bagi airasia buat LCCT kedua - politik)

what choice do we have?
1) kalo mara ada interview.. at the moment since the loan was closed (300++ applications)
2) we have to be available with so much of pilot knowledge.. so, we have to be as good as a pilot.. kalo stakat g interview tu "saya memang minat nak jadik pilot semenjak azali lagi" <-- ayat standard.. answer these for our interview..
a) what do i know about pilot cadet course?
b) how many license i have to get before i became airline pilot?
c) what are the subjects that i have to learn?
d) what is it in all the subjects? explain in details.. (example : human performance, airlaw, etc..)
e) can i sell myself to the airlines after i graduated? (beside having pilot license what qualities do we have?)
f) do i even have the look of a pilot? (kalo dah peribadi pon dah selekeh, bilik tak reti nak kemas, baju pon tak gosok.. hmm..)

soklan no.6 tu la yang selalu wat orang tak lps job interview.. nampak cam bodo2 je kan.. tapi.. lu pikir la sendiri..

kata2 aku mmg pedas.. tapi tu la realitinye.. lebih baik dari ada harapan yang samar2.. lebih baik hadapi realiti yang kejam.. mintak maaf kalo ada yang terguris.. as much it hurts to you all, it does the same to me.. reminder for myself and all of us pilot wannabes..

goodluck to all of us.. see you all in the cockpit..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OCT huh!!!

I think i forgot that I have a blog. Before this everyday I check my blog and try to post something new on it even it doesnt sound good. Maybe I just excited to post before this, right now felt very lazy to check my blog.

Everything doesnt sound good for me now. I keep waiting for good news to come and I can give a big smile on my face. But that not gonna turn me down and giving up. Waiting for this 24th oct, need a bless and I want to realized my dream.

New thing that makes me stay at home right now is playing flight simulator. A joystick help me to fly well, thanks to Adeeb for giving me that thing (you never said anything when you give it to me??hahaha)

Still i dont know what more I can add in...

Good luck for all what we are doing now

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cant sleep la...

2nd Wednesday on the Ramadhan month..

3.43 am...still cant sleep,sleep after sahur can keep me sleep well(after refill my hunger meter)surely sleep until afternoon i think..haha

Need to get ready for flying school interview this Saturday...just try my luck, who knows this flying school have other alternatives for financial..Waiting for MARA again and again.I dont care, even it takes a long time i should try for hundred or thousand times before i think that im not fit to this thing..haha

hoping next year will be more and more good news....'beyond expectations'

Pray for me and for all...Assalamualaikum...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nearly september and Hari Raya

Seem that im doing nothing now,just waiting and keep waiting again. But there is a little shiny hope i think..hehe...I want it and want it very badly. A week with my gurl was very precious moment for me...watching G.I.Joes and The Proposal. Im wanted to attend MTV world stage at Sunway Lagoon but i think its better if we avoid crowded place since AH1N1 now in everywhere.

end of august report..haha...

'Selamat Berpuasa'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

glad my friend still remember my dream

Dear my friend, masy, thank you for remember my dream ambition... :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


i dont know what more to do at home,just keep stepped out with friend and hoping i can continue my study soon...

i try this survey and it give money..simple and easy....

A.W Surveys

Friday, July 3, 2009

July already??

So fast eh time is running and me still like this...last month i didnt post anything ,coz im working.
Same thing i like to announced APFT and cadet

Just to inform new forums


also got a lots of interesting topic to be share...find me there pokyi...

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look at your watch,see the time and you can feel how we must appreciate time..hhehe..its been a while since i wrote my last post...i heard that the flydamnit forum is being shut down..??very sad,coz lots of useful information i can get from that forum...anyway good luck for all pilot wannabe...lets get higher and higher..never give up... mood : strong..hehe

Monday, May 4, 2009


5 May 2009,cold night,rain drop can be heard from the outside, laid on the bed while fingers moving and typing something that came from my mind with the feeling from the heart.
Suddenly i feel uncomfortable with my life right now.I'm trying to improve my life and doing something that i can be proud of to my family. If this is my fate,i have to faced it. Something that i plan is not go to work as i planned. Hopefully something good will happen and God please give me a strength...

Let it be.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

task for 30 april 2009

tomorrow i need to get up earlier since i choose to start and manage a business...hehe..(small business actually)...

Im gonna be employer and im gonna find 15 employees to take care my farm. Harvest Moon...

in the evening meet Uncle Kob for arrangement,discuss about the lemon grass...
There is one more company in kota bharu that i thinks i should meet...the evening event is more on marketing....

so,good night and good luck to all....

May : new episodes and the begining for...

April is coming to the end...After a very long april and a decision has been made, Harvest Moon enterprise will be launching soon....Thanks to my brother who give support and financial me to open a small business in Kota Bharu...Im going and ready for it...I will start planting lemongrass on the coming may..may god bless us...

i will upload some pictures and share my experience with all the blogger and reader....
i will try record a video too....
p/s..still waiting to enter Asia Pacific Flight Training, that is my dream....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let it be...

Playing basketball at night also our activities

If u heard on the radio Era 'Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal'
that is our lecture Prof Izi (Business Math lecturer)

In the UiTM Fine Dining

On the right Tariq Iskandar, winner of Nestle competition

UiTM Dungun is the best place,it is situated in front of the beach

I became waiter during 'Ramadhan',this picture taken after the break fast k...

I have doing nothing for 3 months past. Since I decided to reach the sky without my own wing (with plane wing). Many things had happened recently. My old friends at Uitm will graduate this May. Congratulation to all my friends, Diploma Culinary Art , hopefully all of you will find job and good luck for your future. Thank you for the enjoyment that we had together and without cooperation nothing will success, in the kitchen cooperation between each other is important. Congratulation to Tariq Iskandar because became the winner in the Nestle competition, become Le Meridein apprentice and has been offered to continue study in Culinary Art at Switzerland.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Meet Cindy...
Last night i was having a bbq at my friend house.I never taught that a snake also attend this bbq.haha... Cindy 2 years old, long : 2 feet... Cindy only 2 years old and may become longer when she reach 5 years old. She can live until 50 - 60 years old.. She eat once a week, now her owner give 500 grams beef...Imagine when she at 15 years old,what food can we feed to her to make sure she is not hungry anymore...human,goat,cow???hahaha

Thursday, April 16, 2009

another interesting day

me, iz and feisal

muso, the land owner

coconut tree for sell

Today my second trip to gardening. Just to make my self healthy and stay fit. So i went again, this time I bring along my friend iz ( aka my super senior at Asia Pacific Flight Training,pilot also have time for gardening a'a,actually he is waiting for interview with Air Asia this May)
Today we cant find best coconut,last visit we found coconut that have a delicious taste ( I mean the coconut water taste). But we still enjoy and keep ourself in a healthy way... Next week i will be attending 'serai','cendawan' and 'cili' training at Jabatan Pertanian...hehe...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


my friend pesa try to pluck
pool.for breed fish
pesa appreciate environment

Yesterday was very fun and excited. I went to my friend garden,3 hectare at Kubang Kerian. We pluck coconut from the tree,to taste it before sell. There are 100 coconut tree there and still some of the land are free for development. So we decide to sell the coconut and the coconut seed. Next planning is to plant mushroom. Need some capital but we will try to do it for our side income. Hope i can pay for my pilot license...hahahaha

Monday, April 13, 2009

So You Wanna Be A pilot??

Have you heard Air Asia now open that 'so you wanna be a pilot??' blog contest at their blog. I have sent one my writing about my eager to become a pilot. Just write anything on it and they will chose only 10 people to be their cadet pilot.If your blog is the chosen one, then there will be interview before they select you.

this the best opportunity for aspiring pilot since MAS has freeze their cadet intake.Grab this chance.The closing date is on MAY. You still got time and give your best shot for it.

link here

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Addicted to Forum Flydamnit

suitable for those who are going to be a pilot.this is the kick start

Hye there.As u can see im also addicted to this thing name forum.Forum flydamnit.I know this from my friend.In this forum you will find all about aviation such as aircraft,flying school,pilot,engineer and other thing that beyond your imagination.haha.If u asked something there will be a forumer will reply your question.

There also real pilot from MAS,Air Asia,firefly and others like engineers such as License Aircraft Engineer (LAE) to help u with ur question.Not to forget cadet pilot also in there.
This forum is very useful and good for aviator..haha..About MARA thing,i also know it from here.With simple registration process u will be a flydamnit member in 1 second.Give it a try,especially for those who want to know about aviation.

i still dont know why the forum name is flydamnit??..huhuh


u have to tried end this 21 april 2009..still got time

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Today i received a new picture from my best friend.haha..very shocked when i looked it for the first time.He never take pictures of him self.But this time is very different from before,he took his picture wearing his pilot shirt,and wearing sunglass.haha...weird thing and you look like someone else..For 3 days i have post the same topic about him..haha.

18th May maybe come true or not?i still waiting for MARA ...hoping to join APFT this may.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just to add to yesterday post

This is my friend picture with his batch mate ..HMA Langkawi... 18 Feb 2009

MAS cadet,congratulation and good luck

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yeah,old friends come back


For me this is very important VIP best friend at langkawi will be coming home this MEI...Many important things to share with him and of course about aviation since he is MAS cadet pilot. He also bringing home his books and important notes about Private Pilot License (PPL).
I have studied that thing a little bit but need some explanation. This is the best time for me to understand more.

About my friend,i know him since i was on the secondary school. We were best friend till now.He also in my age and our house not so far.Remember when we finished our SPM papers,we hang out everyday.But still got topic to talked even we hang out for 6-8 hours..haha...He enter MAS cadet last 2 month at HMAerospace Langkawi. Lucky him,he got MAS cadet. He helped me a lot for applying to be private cadet.I know about MARA loan for pilot also from him.Thats what friend for.Thank you my friend for the very useful information.

Good luck then

Thursday, April 9, 2009

gOOOOOOOOOd morning!!

It is 2am now... i still cant sleep so i decide to post something on my blog..hehe...its been a week since i came back from Kuala Lumpur, i still waiting for MARA. what more i can do beside pray to Allah...Hopefully they will continue giving loan...But life must go on,so i decide to make money while im waiting for MARA...

I think i will be selling insurance,selling coconut, help my friend making event and many more to do if we are hardworking...huhu...i need to stop worry right now since i have choose this way,so i got to finish what i started...just wait and see...Not much i can type tonight since my eyes getting to close.But my hand keep moving but begin to slow.... nite then.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Please forgive me...

Sometimes im thinking i always chase my dream and forget the Mighty Allah...I study but forget to start with 'Bismillah' , i think that is why i cant remember very well what im study. When i achieved something that i want i forget to say 'Alhamdulillah', that is why my achievement last for a while. I was far from you Allah... forgive me for all my wrong and my parent. I need blessing and the way to the right path.

"Dan bersabarlah terhadap apa yang menimpa kamu. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu termasuk hal-hal yang diwajibkan (oleh Allah)."(QS. Luqman:17)

"Dan janganlah kamu memalingkan mukamu dari manusia (karena sombong) dan janganlah kamu berjalan di muka bumi dengan angkuh. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang sombong lagi membanggakan diri."

Allah kata:dan tuhanmu memerintahkn kamu menyembah selain dia dan hendaklh berbuat baik kpd ibu bapa.jika salah seorang di antara keduanya atau kedua-duanya smpai berusia lanjut dlm pemeliharaanmu,maka sekali-kali jgnlah engkau mengatakn kedua-duanya prkataan “ah” dan jgnlah engkau membentak keduanya,dan ucapkan lah mereka perkataan yg baik……

Allah kata: Dan janganlah kamu sengaja mencampakkan diri kamu ke dalam bahaya kebinasaan dan baikilah (dengan sebaik-baiknya segala usaha dan) perbuatan kamu; kerana sesungguhnya Allah mengasihi orang-orang yang berusaha memperbaiki amalannya. (al-Baqarah: 195)

Allah kata:sesungguhnya orang-orang yang kufur ingkar kepada ayat-ayat keterangan Kami, Kami akan membakar mereka dalam api neraka. Tiap-tiap kali kulit mereka masak hangus, Kami gantikan untuk mereka kulit yang lain supaya mereka dapat merasa azab sengsara itu. Dan (ingalah) sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksan”. An-Nisaa’ ayat 56

Allah kata:"Maka Barangsiapa yang mengerjakan kebaikan seberat zarahpun, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya. Dan barangsiapa yang mengerjakan kejahatan seberat zarahpun, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya pula". (QS. Al Zalzalah: 7-8).

Allah kata: Setiap jiwa akan merasai kematian (Ali ‘Imran:185, al-Anbiya’:35, al-`Ankabut:57)

im never prepare for my end of the day even i know i will die anytime....

Allah kata: "Dan apabila hamba-hamba-Ku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka sesungguhnya Aku dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia berdoa kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi-Ku, dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran." (Q.s. al-Baqarah: 186).

Ya Allah, keep me away from the blindness and fill me with the 'tasbih' for You Allah...

"Barangsiapa menghendaki kehidupan sekarang, maka Kami segerakan baginya di dunia apa yang Kami kehendaki bagi orang yang Kami kehendaki dan Kami tentukan baginya neraka Jahanam, ia akan memasukinya dalam keadaan tercela dan terusir. (Q.s. al-Isra': 18).

Woman is in danger...

DO YOU KNOW ? Coke+Ajinomoto Can be Used To Rape Ladies.

I received a news about the recent tactic used to spike girls' drink.

It is a cheap and widely used method.

This method was used in Canny Ong murder.

Rapist uses this method. Coca-cola+ajinomoto/monosodium glutamate = a medicine which will cause drowsiness and excitement in the victim.

This mixture is poisonous if used too often on the victim.

Please send this to all your female friends, sisters, & your loved ones and ask them to beware.

DO NOT accept coca-cola or any other drinks from stranger / evenif it is your friend that you are not very close with.

Hishamuddin Alias ( ASP )
Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Berat
IPK Kuala Lumpur

addicted to Mafia Wars

Have you ever played mafia wars at myspace??huhu...right now,if i have a time im surely will open my space and playing that games for hours...just simple clicking and fighting with other members we will earn money (money for use inside that game). It is more like management for me because we can own properties like stall,restaurant and many more. Mine was level 14 right now.huhu.
For those who want join my mafia gangs leave your email and i will hit you back...Come on!!!
I like to expand my mafia gang

myspace :

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1st lesson

i know it still early for me to learning about this,because of my passion on it i keep doing this, my preparation before entering flying school....thanks to my friend....

PPL notes....

first thing i read was the theory of flight
-4 principles:Lift,drag,thrust and weight
-angle of attack: angle between the airfoil and the airflow
- Best Lift/Drag ratio : the greatest amount of lift for the least drag amount.Occursat 3 1/2 - 4
-factor affecting lift
+angle of atack
+Airfoil section
+wing area

there are many more,after this i will try to elaborate more

Thursday, April 2, 2009

april is not fool...huhu

the most beautiful gift for my visit to KL.tanx syg...i still love u in the morning..hehe

Im so tired after 8 days at kl doing my things and preparation.i went to MARA last week,and they still cant give the solution for cadet pilot loan and waiting for budget from government.
Maybe end of this April they will announce the result either hold, continue or stop...
If they hold the loan,i understand it is because of the economy is slow right now and Malaysia also feel the effect . Then if they stop,i understand, maybe this is my fate. i dont have any 'cable' in MARA so very hard for me. Just waiting and waiting again.

I also done my medical checkup class one at MAS medical centre,subang.It cost RM168 and it takes 2 hours to finish my all the check. Only me at that medical centre are not MAS staffs that day.Others wearing id card staff,mine 'visitor' only..huhu.. Alhamdulillah i fit for the pilot course.hehe....

The rest of my time at kl i finished with spending time with my girlfriend. Love her so much and thank you for everything.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waiting,waiting and waiting....

MARA when you will approve my loan??I have booked for may intake at APFT...but the main problem is will i receive loan 1 month before the register date...APFT need the confirmation about the payment 1 month earlier before the register date...i will be facing with many challenges and challengers in becoming a cadet pilot...thanks to FLYDAMNIT helps a lot...exchanges information with other pilot wannabe like me...

As life goes on, I learned more about responsibility and I realize that every things I do affecting people around me.Just to prove to my parent that i also can be somebody that they can be proud off and repay them back for wrong that i have done....

Monday, March 9, 2009

DCA Approval letter

I use to write about this since i found it is difficult for newbies to find an example letter for DCA...
This should make them easier to understand and to apply for approval from DCA...

What is DCA all about??DCA means??First of all DCA is DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION located at Putrajaya...It handle all about aviation,we need DCA approval first to enroll in any flying school...after you have received their acceptance letter ,then you can apply to any flying school that you prefer the best.

This is an example letter:

(your address)

Capt. Dato’ Yahya bin Abdul Rahman
Director of Flight Operations
Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia
Level 2, Blok Podium B
Lot 4G4, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62570 PUTRAJAYA (date)

Dear Sir,


I am (your name) and my IC number is (------------) would like to enrol into an
Integrated CPL/IR (Frozen ATPL) course.

A certified true copy of my SPM result and my MyKad are enclosed for your kind perusal.

I would be grateful if a DCA Letter of Approval can be issued to me so as to enable me to
enrol for the course.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

i/c number

Then you send this letter to them using the address that stated above...Dont forget to
include your copy of SPM result and IC.make sure your copy it is certified...

Then just wait for them to reply...To make sure they got your letter,give them a call after
a week

I edit this letter that i got from APFT website

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SPM result announce on 12 march

Good luck to all spm candidates 2008... Hope your result will make you happy and satisfied..
I still remember when im waiting for spm result.huhu...very freak...Im lazy to study, lazy to go for tuition everyday. Skip classes..Then the result came out,you what you deserved...

So don't be disappointed, that is what you have done for your SPM... Never give up,and keep looking foward for your's not the end of the days...

march already arrived

Is it march already??huhu...i taught april or may ..huhu...kind of boring stay at home with out doing nothing,except sleep,eat,yarn..haha...

Right now im waiting for mara interview...lots of my friend said i have waste my time because quitting from uitm... sometimes i cant explain to them instead saying a'a...hehe...

I think the main reason for me to pursue this aviation because it is my passion and for my satisfaction...yerp, that is why im choosing this way...just ignore what they want to say, and keep goin on for what im doing right now.Not all of us is given chance to fly ...stand still ,ready,steady and go....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

JAA starting this june??

9;45pm ....i called pokku and get him at his house for 'minum2' at ridel hotel (river view side)... I also invite jas but he cant join us because he has final flying test tomorrow,that mean just the two of us..haha...

talking and talking about aviation...that all my interest when going out with pilot (pokku waiting for air asia pilot intake interview next week,he passed the test)

then my old friend came,afick (quantity surveying student) talking about his practical...interesting topic and we share lots of information with each other....

suddenly pokku friends came,they also join us.They also apft of them is MAS cadet and the other one is private very excited and asked many question as i could. then the JAA paper topic came out...i was informed that the JAA papers will be use this June at apft....they said apft have tried that paper before and 15 cadets failed out of 20 cadets...huhu..that paper was very hard but JAA papers are valid in europe while the paper that apft use before is valid at uk only...its more in advantages but need to struggle for that papers since 15 cadets failed...

Taking JAA papers means that we can apply in any airlines at Europe,while Dcaa6 only valid in UK. that the advantage...i heard 12 papers in 2 addition Diploma in aviation 8 subjects. Including pendidikan islam n bahasa kebangsaan,also history and politics...

That makes me wonder how im going to study for all paper. hehe...good luck then to me..haha...

They also told that 300 cadets now doesn't manage to get the jobs and the good news is there are none of apft cadet jobless.

After that i went to their resident apartment for apft cadet. There are 3 rooms and 2 toilets.2 cadet in each room...huhu...equip with television and kitchen equipment. so i can cook la..hehe.i cant wait to enter apft and to start study in aviation...gud nite then...

Waiting for official offer letter....

Two days after the briefing,im still waiting for the official offer letter from apft...That letter can be obtain after we have paying 15k to them. But my father want to pay next week since he got meeting at Kuala Lumpur. I'm worried because lots of parent going to pay this monday and some of them already pay on friday.

You know why this down payment make me feel dizzy and need to settle immediately??well,that 15k is for booking fee and to make sure you entered the fly school on the intake date.Hopefully my father will pay that fee as soon as possible, I'm planning to join this June...

Bye . . .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

today is the day...

date:19 feb 2009
venue:ground school asia pacific fligth training,kota bharu
time: 10:30 am

i arrived at the airport at 10:15 am,thanks to my father he can pass the airport security very quickly..lucky he has many friends at the airport.

after entering the briefing room,i sit infront of the principal (dato khalil)...
then the briefing begin..there are 40 cadet with their parents in that room..
1st they introduce the school...bla bla...
many things that has been improved at that school
asia pacific has been declared as the IPTS...
then recevied qualification from the MQA (malaysia qualification agency)

then they told us about the disicpline and military i think..coz the principal was the air force jet fighter. then they brief about the intake.there also introduce the new subject for management and the candidate will receive diploma after this training..8 new subject(pendidikan islam also included)huhu...

i was told there is a short interview....

thanks to forum flydamnit,many things i learned from there.....

the fees was 240k ....
down payment is 15k....for booking ...i was told that may still have 10 slot and june 4 slot(16 slot has been reserved to MAS cadet...)

after the briefing i waiting for my turn for an interview...
i passed because it is so easy,they just want to see our nervous but still can answer their question....

after 12:30 pm i get back....

alhamdulillah...i manage to get into apft........

Monday, February 9, 2009

9 days more

So sad,today i started to feel alone...My best friend, mr cupik cukipee, just fly to langkawi to pursue his dream. good luck to him and all the best. For your info,he also taking ATPL license at HMA langkawi. He entered that flying school by joining MAS cadet. He spent 1 year for psychomotor and psychometric test,interview and medical checkup. Lastly,he managed to get the title 'MAS cadet'. He will be report at langkawi this 16th february. Hope to see you sucess at langkawi.

For me,still counting days for APFT briefing... Just waiting at home without nothing to do. Hope i can find something to do for next 3 months.

things that i have done for joining pilot :

[]dca approval letter
[]interview with flying school
[]offer letter from flying school

things that i need to do after this 19 feb :

[]get the form for MARA loan
[]apply mara loan
[]interview with mara
[]sign agreement
[]register with APFT this 25 may 2008

insyallah,with GOD will,i can enroll in this aviation world soon...

For those who wanting to be a pilot,just be strong and never give up.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here I am

Alhamdulillah,i have a safe journey to home last nite...Now back in business for pilot.Im officially quit from uitm last sunday.huhu....there are many unforgetable memories at dungun,since i studied there for 3 is the best place for me.many thing i can learned from dungun...Life must go 6 th february...still have 13 days more for briefing...hehe..cant wait to continue my study in of luck to all

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

back to dungun

good morning, hehe,it is early in the morning...i must learned to dicispline my self and get ready mental and physical before joining Asia Pacific Flight Training. Hope to be the best cadet. Thats my target.i am very grateful and feel very thankful for Allah for giving me the chance and light for joining aviation world.

Im going for briefing this 19 feb and still waiting for that date. Because at that time,my life path will be set... hope to join apft this 25th may,depend on the vacancies. To booked that place i must pay 15k.Who paying that amount early,they will get the place.Alhamdulillah my father agreed to pay that amount after i had persuade him..hehe,maybe he pity on me and he also want to see i sucess in my life..i also want to be in a professional job.Thank God for blessing me...

See u after 2 weeks....i will be back to kota bharu before 18th going to dungun for quitting uitm Dungun and see all my friends first.thats all from me,till then good luck for those who in this aviation world...assalamualaikum and have a nice day :))

Sunday, January 25, 2009

we are family...

Yeah...we are family....from left: younger sister,she currently doing medic at uitm shah alam..goin to be doctor someday,her passion.Hope to see u sucess it that medic world

2.mama,u know i love u,mama u the queen of my heart...she is my one and only.She raised us to be somebody that we wont regret ev.en with the hardest way...thank you so much...loving u like food to my soul.. brother/toto. he is the genius one in the family.He perfom in everything that he do.Thanks to you who teach me many things about this world and how to survive.He doing his master in engineering at nice,france...

4.haha,thats me....future pilot..u already know about me... sister/nana. She lead the family to what we are now.She always give the best to the family and never bring us down.Now she is a doctor at Usm and doing her master in patholgy....

6.where is my father?dont need to know lah..hehe

This picture taken at the klia when my brother/toto 1st going to france. This is my profesional family...

Lastly,thanks to mama.......i love u .......

19 feb my destination...

Alhamdulillah after all my hard work doing this aviation plan,my progress is 75% now...

this how it goes

1.applying dca approval -approved(3 weeks waiting for the letter)

2.applying flyin school asia pacific flight training (after 1 month received their call) their letter and going to briefing this 19february...registration and receive offer letter...

Thank to God...All that i dream when i was child come true...Even i have done wrong in the first step but still not to late to change..Wish for what u want and pray to God,Insyallah He will help us as His servant...I'm satisfy with what i am now.i changed a lot. try to be dicisplined and always motivated .i'm also trying to fulfill the 5 times solat.Because all what we got is from Him.

Anxious for this 19feb,many things will also gonna quit from uitm just to joined this cadet pilot program. Thanks for those who supporting me especially my mum and mummy who understand what i want after all this.without them,maybe im lost doing things that i shouldnt do.

i maybe joining this program on may i my parents can afford to pay the deposit 15k.hehe.i have to sell my car (iswara) just to get the money. so sad but im doing this for my future.

thats all from me for now.Insyallah after this there will be more..