Friday, November 14, 2008

Food critic

Delicious yeah. This evening I had my dinner at D' Pantai restaurant at Dungun, Terengganu. It was a fabulous evening because my friend treat me this dish (How can I refuse this opportunity).
This is the picture of the 'Ikan Bakar' that we have ordered. The fish that we order is 'Ikan siakap' also known as seabass fish. They cooked the fish by grilled it and by adding spicy 'sambal' and also some spices to make it feel more delicious. It cost RM15, the price depend on the fish weight and how the fish will be cooked.

The fish is served with banana leaf because it can enhance the fish flavour and give aroma to the fish beside remove the fish odor. The fish texture is soft and the the taste is sour,sweet and spicy. You should try this. As we know, Terengganu is the country that provides the food that mostly using seafood as their dish. The fish here is fresh.

My comment for this dish is the taste should be more spicy because the sweet,sour and spicy should be balance.

Anyway thanks to my friend for treat me this dinner.

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