Thursday, November 13, 2008

Early in the morning

It is 7.oo am now.I still cannot close my eyes...huhu...I switch my tv channel to awani channel and start watching 'Temujanji' and 'Perspektif' programs. The invited host was chef Zam (lecturer at KDU collage). The program talked about his career and how he can be like that,very interesting for because I'm also a chef..heehe... Chef Zam also a celebrity chef and preform in some tv program at AFC channel.

After watching 'Temujanji' program, 'Perspektif' program starts. They talked about education and how Malaysian peolpe appreciate genius people like Adi Putra. Adi Purta has maked 58 formulas and he also teach other students. I was very shocked because Adi Putra age now is 9 years old and he is taking A level. Yeah,go go go Malaysia. He now try to bring back Islamic mathematic that has been discovered by 'Ulamak-Ulamak Islam' before.

For more information try visit this page :: adiputra

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