Monday, November 17, 2008

Dewa 19

Easy listening,that is my fav music. I liked to share one of my fav band, Dewa 19.The band was form by Ahmad Dhani.I stick to the them when i was in secondary school. The song that famous at that time was 'kosong'. Every morning i heard that song in the radio. Then i buy their album 'cintai lah cinta'. It was very fabalous,all the songs in the album are absolute excellent. The songs in that album are 'kosong', 'kasidah cinta', 'air mata', 'pupus', ' cintai lah cinta', 'arjuna', 'angin', 'bukan rahasia' and 'roman picisan'.

Then the new album they released in 2006 'republik cinta'. I think start on this album, dewa start to be very famous in Malaysia. Songs include in this album are 'larut', 'sedang ingin bercinta', 'laskar cinta', and many more. Try listen to their music, DEWA!!!!!!!!!!

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