Sunday, November 16, 2008


I cannot connect to internet since saturday. The line was busy and there is nothing I can do. It is like i was in the jungle. Dont know anything and dont have any news about my friends because i like to open my Yahoo messenger 24 hours. Im still in Dungun waiting my girl friend finish her examination this tuesday. Then her parent will come to get her back to KL. Then i will be back to KB ( i love KB). Start this moment me and my girl friend weill be apart. Shw will start her practical next year at KL and i have to study in Dungun. So just telephone call will be our connection. Im very sad but life must goes on,sacrifice is a must to achieve what i have dreamed.

Next year will be the toughest semester at UiTM dungun. I still have 8 papers need to be settle to get my diploma. It is hard to finish this but i want to grat on time. I dont want to extend for one semester. Yes i will do it. I will try.Pray for me. For my friends good luck for everything you do.

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