Tuesday, December 16, 2008

trying my luck...

now im trying to doing something for my better future...wish me luck k...it may takes some time for it to work accordingly to the plan but what we doin for it is what we got,so good luck everbody in what you are doin...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

listen to your heart

today the weather is not good as yesterday. im still in my small dark room in thinking and thinking what to do while waiting for new semester this january. I have choose my new way to do the new thing so that i can live in a better way. I just start thinking of this when i read from the internet. On the next day,i started to go for it. i arrange it all by my self and by some of my friends help. hope i can get it and realised my dream

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dewa 19

Easy listening,that is my fav music. I liked to share one of my fav band, Dewa 19.The band was form by Ahmad Dhani.I stick to the them when i was in secondary school. The song that famous at that time was 'kosong'. Every morning i heard that song in the radio. Then i buy their album 'cintai lah cinta'. It was very fabalous,all the songs in the album are absolute excellent. The songs in that album are 'kosong', 'kasidah cinta', 'air mata', 'pupus', ' cintai lah cinta', 'arjuna', 'angin', 'bukan rahasia' and 'roman picisan'.

Then the new album they released in 2006 'republik cinta'. I think start on this album, dewa start to be very famous in Malaysia. Songs include in this album are 'larut', 'sedang ingin bercinta', 'laskar cinta', and many more. Try listen to their music, DEWA!!!!!!!!!!


Lets get back to normal life. Waiting for next challenge that will appear soon. I'm afraid to face it but no matter how hard it is,i will be ready to face it. If i loose this time,it will be an experience for me to learn from it. Just for information i still learning because everyday there is something new to learn.

Evening tea

Now 17:55 pm, here i am in dungun. My friends prefer sleeping at this time,i think it is not worth. Using the Acer Aspire 5550 laptop i write this blog just for fun and sharing. In UiTM dungun there is no more students. Start today it is semester break,the university will be open back next year on January. So there is a plenty much of time for me to write on something everydays. Lets go to evening tea

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I cannot connect to internet since saturday. The line was busy and there is nothing I can do. It is like i was in the jungle. Dont know anything and dont have any news about my friends because i like to open my Yahoo messenger 24 hours. Im still in Dungun waiting my girl friend finish her examination this tuesday. Then her parent will come to get her back to KL. Then i will be back to KB ( i love KB). Start this moment me and my girl friend weill be apart. Shw will start her practical next year at KL and i have to study in Dungun. So just telephone call will be our connection. Im very sad but life must goes on,sacrifice is a must to achieve what i have dreamed.

Next year will be the toughest semester at UiTM dungun. I still have 8 papers need to be settle to get my diploma. It is hard to finish this but i want to grat on time. I dont want to extend for one semester. Yes i will do it. I will try.Pray for me. For my friends good luck for everything you do.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Food critic

Delicious yeah. This evening I had my dinner at D' Pantai restaurant at Dungun, Terengganu. It was a fabulous evening because my friend treat me this dish (How can I refuse this opportunity).
This is the picture of the 'Ikan Bakar' that we have ordered. The fish that we order is 'Ikan siakap' also known as seabass fish. They cooked the fish by grilled it and by adding spicy 'sambal' and also some spices to make it feel more delicious. It cost RM15, the price depend on the fish weight and how the fish will be cooked.

The fish is served with banana leaf because it can enhance the fish flavour and give aroma to the fish beside remove the fish odor. The fish texture is soft and the the taste is sour,sweet and spicy. You should try this. As we know, Terengganu is the country that provides the food that mostly using seafood as their dish. The fish here is fresh.

My comment for this dish is the taste should be more spicy because the sweet,sour and spicy should be balance.

Anyway thanks to my friend for treat me this dinner.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Early in the morning

It is 7.oo am now.I still cannot close my eyes...huhu...I switch my tv channel to awani channel and start watching 'Temujanji' and 'Perspektif' programs. The invited host was chef Zam (lecturer at KDU collage). The program talked about his career and how he can be like that,very interesting for because I'm also a chef..heehe... Chef Zam also a celebrity chef and preform in some tv program at AFC channel.

After watching 'Temujanji' program, 'Perspektif' program starts. They talked about education and how Malaysian peolpe appreciate genius people like Adi Putra. Adi Purta has maked 58 formulas and he also teach other students. I was very shocked because Adi Putra age now is 9 years old and he is taking A level. Yeah,go go go Malaysia. He now try to bring back Islamic mathematic that has been discovered by 'Ulamak-Ulamak Islam' before.

For more information try visit this page :: adiputra

Thinking of my future

Yeahhhh...i Love my brother. He is my inspiration. i am proud if i could be like him. Let the past experience be the guidance for me. I am what i am now. Taking culinary was a mistake for me but i still have to finish my study and then change to other course. It is hard to work on something that we not interested. For the first time in my life, i feel like i was lost and dont know what to do. This happened when i went to practical in hotel last few months.

So for all the readers i hope you can learned from my mistake and experience. You need to think whether what you learning today is truly for suitable for you. Because one day you will start working and have to face the job.

For your information there are 15 million students now in our country. So how we gonna got the job? It depend on you... Good luck for all student....

bad day!!

Now 7pm i still in my blanket because outside is still raining. Living in Dungun is very boring during this final examination. I don't know what to do because i have finished my final cooking examination last week..this is my menu for my final:

appetizer: poached seabass with green vegetables

soup: beef consome with crouton

main course:chicken roulade serve with garlic mashde potatoes accompanied with spinach sauce primavera

dessert: chocolate parfait with manggo sauce

ok lets continue after this. I need to fill my hunger meter...hehe...

Monday, January 14, 2008

nadzri dans la classe de frech

haha..maknenya dlm kelas perancis....kepuasan + kepenatan....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tiga siswa UiTM Dungun dikhuatiri lemas
DUNGUN: Tiga siswa Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) dikhuatiri lemas selepas dilaporkan hilang dibawa arus ketika mandi di Pantai Teluk Bidara, di sini, petang semalam.Kejadian berlaku ketika ketiga-tiga mangsa bersama lima lagi rakan mereka pergi ke tempat kejadian yang dipercayai berlaku fenomena gelombang ombak besar, bagaimanapun, lima rakan mangsa sempat berenang ke pantai.Ketua Polis Daerah Dungun, Superintendan Dahlan Mohd Noor, berkata kejadian berlaku jam 6.30 petang dan sehingga jam 10 malam tadi, ketiga-tiga mangsa belum ditemui.Menurutnya, mangsa yang hilang dikenali sebagai, Mohd Nasri Mohd Nasir, 20, dari Bukit Selar Kuala Balah, Jeli, Kelantan; Muhammad Ismat Syafik Zainuddin, 22, dari Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur dan Nazirul Syazwan Shamsudin, 20, dari Tanah Lot Batu 18, Ajil, Hulu Terengganu.
Muhammad Ismat Syarik, pelajar diploma elektrik adalah anak Ketua Bahagian Ketenteraman Awam dan Trafik (KDNKA) di Ibu Pejabat Polis Kajang.

Mohd Nasri adalah pelajar jurusan perhotelan manakala Nazirul Syazwan pelajar dalam jurusan pemasaran.Setakat ini usaha menyelamat yang dijalankan anggota polis, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat (Bomba), Polis Marin, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPA3), Rela, Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKK) dan pasukan penyelamat UiTM masih diteruskan.Harian Metro difahamkan, ia akan diteruskan hingga hari ini kecuali usaha mencari membabitkan kawasan laut dalam dihentikan lewat malam tadi akibat faktor cuaca.Bagaimanapun, usaha di kawasan pesisir pantai itu akan dihentikan sekiranya pihak berkuasa mendapati gelombang ombak berkenaan mengancam keselamatan anggota penyelamat.Berikutan insiden itu, Dahlan meminta orang ramai khususnya penduduk di kawasan berkenaan mengelak daripada menghampiri kawasan pantai sepanjang musim tengkujuh ini.“Keadaan cuaca masih tidak menentu dan saya berharap orang ramai mematuhi arahan pihak berkuasa bagi mengelak kejadian tidak diingini berlaku,” katanya.

my sis con'td her study

aiseh...My sis has been selected by Mara to enter medical study by mara...degree...wah..only me taking diploma..my brother and sister both now taking master....suddenly my sister taking degree...higher than me...i feel so shame to my younger sister...but what i had done cant be undo...i hoped that she can suitable her self in shah alam..because this is the 1st time she far away from family..hope that she is okay....miss u so much my sister...do take care k....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

kari ayam mung!!!

1 ekor ayam (disiang,dibuang kulitnya & lemaknya, dipotong besar-besar)
125 gm minyak sapi
1 labu besar bawang besar (dicincang)
5 cm kulit kayu manis
2 sudu besar serbuk kari ayam (dijadikan pes)
½ cawan air 2.5 cm halia (dikikis kulitnya & biarkan sebuku)

Bahan Perasa:Garam & lada sulah secukup rasa
1 sudu besar air limau nipis
1 sudu air halia
2 sudu bawang merah giling
½ cawan tomato masak cincang
½ cawan daun ketumbar cincang
½ cawan susu sejat cair
1 sudu besar bawang goreng
3 biji besar tomato (dicincang)garam secukup rasa
½ cawan tairu
½ gula halus merah halus

Bahan Giling:3-4 batang lada hijau
3-4 batang lada merah
3 ulas bawang putih
2 sudu besar buah badam (dibuang kulitnya arinya)

Cara: Satukan bahan perasa & gaul rata-rata dengan ketulan-ketulan ayam & isi bahagian dalamnya. Biarkan berperap selama 2-3 jam. Pijarkan minyak sapi dalam sebuah periuk besar,di atas api yang sederhana & tumis bawang hingga layu. Masukkan kuli kayu manis & pes rempah & goreng selama 1 minit. Masukkan bahan giling.Apabila minyak keluar,besarkan api & masukkan ayam, isi dalamnya & bahan perap selebihnya.Kecilkan api & masak dengan bertutup selama 5 minit. Masukkan air & besarkan api.Masak dengan bertutup 5 minit lagi. Masukkan halia,tomato,tairu & garam.Kecilkan api.Masak dengan bertutup selama 6-8 minit,Kemudian masukkan bahan-bahan selebihnya & sesuaikan rasanya. Hidangkan panas-panas.

sbenarnyo aku kno buat mee kari ari ahad ni...tuh cari resepi kari nih...haha...aku di kb loni...pkul 4.48 pagi dow...awek aku baru sapa gombak..duk msg la ni...rindu la..pisoh 3 hari sbb cuti key...sayang awk sgt twa cinta...

blog aku kau dan kamu

mari la dgr kisah hidup ku..apa yang boleh dikongsi,kita kongsi....love fatin..haha...rindu nih..baru lpas hantar dia naik bas...