Wednesday, December 14, 2011


erk??its been a long time since my last post here.Now going to enter new year 2012 that full of myth. World going to end??It doesnt matter when its going to be end,what matter for us is be prepare...

My 2011 was to short to remember. Alhamdulillah, i managed to do all CAT papers in one year and for 2012 im going to ACCA...hopefully....F4,F5 and F6 waiting for me. Hoping to finish them within 6 months...if not carry forward to next sem..

so see u soon next post is on december 2013//hahaha//

Friday, December 24, 2010

End is the new beginning

2010 soon will be remembered as the tough year for me....

2011 is the new beginning or the first step for me in the new field. I have done what i meant to be done...the door is there, what left for me is I need to open the door and facing the new world without no fear and keep experience new things..

yes, the path that i choose is far away from what i wanted,but im promise that i will come back for it after this. Im hoping that anyone who read my post here will pray for me. Insyallah, God will pay back for good things that you have done.

Remember Allah always, He will hear your wish...

So 2011 let it come,be brave...thank you....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh God give me a reason....

For a very long time I didn't post anything since everything turn to be something else,something that I didn't expect and dream. I know it is hard and it's new life. I got to believe that this is the best thing suit me. I'm trying and keep my head high even there is no shiny hope on this.

So what already happen was something that I will remember and save that for the next time. There is always next time and I'm promise to keep that thing happen as long as I can make it.
End of this year it is time for me to keep moving again. Two years Im waiting with hope so that I can be a Pilot one day.

Now let begin the new start, new environment, new friends,new hope,new me and I'm hoping that I gained something. Better late then never.....

After I finished Certified Accounting Technician course, I will prepare again and apply for MAS sponsorship. I have to get ready,steady and go... 1 and 1/2 year . My dream still remain the same and I will fulfill it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Have a nice day....

Papadom - this is a mamak food that serve with nasi kandar...what else it should be?
A good story and lessons for those who will be 'papa'..hehe...this movie title came from 'papa' - refer to the main character while 'dom' is the main character name Saddom...'papadom' a movie that you should watch,it is not about the food but the way of life that we gonna face afterward...So the writer try to make the audience feel to appreciate more what we have today before it is gone or if its already gone we must appreciate what we have now and life must goes on....

The story start when Saddom selling nasi kandar at Pulau Penang with his wife. Then their customer interested to make papadom more well known..So Saddom business getting better while his wife and daughter been forgotten because he busy with his work and collecting money for their better future..One day something happen...the story getting more interesting in this part..For more information please watch this movie la...hehe

Im not good in story telling...

off topic,

For God sake,i have waiting for 9 months...heard that next year will not be the same to me...hehe..hopefully...i cant wait to start my training...

dont forget to watch Papadom k....

Monday, November 2, 2009

flight simulator just getting better...

Long time not posting anything,just want to share new thing that keep me for not posting new post..huhuh...Flight Simulator X (FSX) ...

Many things that I learned from that even it is only a simulation.There are also a Lesson for Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and Airline Transport Private License.

1st i played without joystick,make me feel sick la...feel like im not going to be a pilot.After I got a joystick,wow,really interesting and make u in front of laptop for hours..Joystick from Logitech Attack 3 really help,i borrow from my friend and at computer shop it cost RM68 ...The one with rudder on the joystick cost RM150++ ,that joystick will give more satisfaction la i think...

For more satisfaction i add one more monitor for the instruments and one for visual...

For those who never try FSX u must try this...


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I copy and paste from flylah forum posted by muhaimin86 ....My

kena tunggu perkembangan PEMBENTANGAN EKONOMI 2010 ni..

kena give attention to these things..

1) BAJET untuk Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar (KPLB)
2) Brape KPLB bagi untuk setiap agensi bawah dia (termasuk la MARA)
3) Brape MARA dapat
4) Daripada jumlah yang MARA dapat 75% adalah untuk Bhgn Penganjuran Pelajaran
5) Kalo 2009, 700juta MARA dapat.. 550juta untuk Bahagian Penganjuran Pelajaran dan 60-70 kadet pilot (1 sesi interview) dapat loan (70 x 250k = 17.5 juta)
6) Rumors kata bajet dikurangkan untuk tahun 2010.. Let say MARA dapat 500juta.. Bhgn Penganjuran Pelajaran akan dapat 375juta.. maknenye penurunan 32% daripada 2009.. so katakan kadet pilot pon tolak 32%.. maknenye Mara akan taja 52-53 orang.. dengan jumlah angaran pinjaman (53 x 250k = 13.25juta)

sume yang aku bgtau td tu, kalo berdasarkan bajet yang mara dapat.. tapi, kalo ikut pegawai mara (nama dirahsiakan).. ada bebrapa perkara lain pasal pgrm pinjaman untuk pilot ni..

masalah pertama.. byk flying school ada pblm..
1) ada yang ada aicraft tapi kena ground sebab tak lepas DCA airworthiness certificate = takde aircraft.. (usually amek masa 3-4 bulan nak dapat part dan repair dan mohon certificate tu)
2) yang takde instructor = takle nak proceed ground school pon.. (syarat nak amek exam DCA mesti ada instructor yang assign untuk each papers supaya paper exam boleh release kat student)
3) flying school takde agreement pon dgn Mara = mara takle bagi pinjaman kat kadet dia la.. (takde makne la mohon mara pon)
4) flying school sentese naikkan harga minyak kapal terbang (kerosin) = yuran jadi makin mahal (padahal harga market murah jer dari yan FA jual kat kadet)

jadi, korang rajin2 la masuk forum flying school yang korang nak enroll.. tny kadet2 yang dah masuk kat situ ape masalah flying school korang.. kalo terpakse merendah diri nak tny setiap orang pon takpe.. yang penting korang dapat info yang betul.. kadet2 besenye akan cite masalah kat FA.. kalo masalah stkt makan tak sedap tu takpe la.. kalo yang besar2 tu baik la withdraw.. sebab mara mungkin tanak taja lagi da FA yang byk pblm..

so, skrg masalah kedua..
1) job market - mara punye budak yang dah dapat tajaan.. batch 1-2 dah grad.. takde keje lagi.. cume 3-4 orang jer yang dah keje..
2) pangarah baru - dia kata pgrm pinjaman pilot akan diteruskan bile budak yang dah grad mula byr.. baca balik (1)
3) ekonomi recession - keje kat airline on masih tak bertambah walopon kadet pilot dah semakin ramai 9 currently +-200 kadet garduate every 2 months from 7 FA in malaysia.. in future pon tak nampak lagi, bile ekonomi nak ok..
4) airlines pon ada kadet dorg - MAS + MARA.. skrg ni, MARA taja sume kadet2 MAS.. maknenye MAS nak pilot jer MARA akan taja.. Kemungkinan untuk amek pilot yang grad sendiri (private cadet) kecik la..

Good things..
1) Air asia dah start fly g US.. nak pakai pilot
2) Airasia beli kapal terbang.. 2010-2011 akan start dapat.. ada few yang long haul punyer aircraft = pilot yang ada akan naik pangkat.. ada lubang kosong untuk new pilots (first officer position will be available)

Good thing gone bad..
1) airasia pon dah slow dengan intake kadet airasia (aku pon apply kadet airasia.. dah 3 bulan inerview, masih takde yang dipanggil)
2) byk kapal terbang, tapi LCCT dah terlalu padat.. ada aircraft pon airasia terpaksa hold on sampai la airasia dapat bina LCCT kedua (bile? - taktau lagi, government pon tanak bagi airasia buat LCCT kedua - politik)

what choice do we have?
1) kalo mara ada interview.. at the moment since the loan was closed (300++ applications)
2) we have to be available with so much of pilot knowledge.. so, we have to be as good as a pilot.. kalo stakat g interview tu "saya memang minat nak jadik pilot semenjak azali lagi" <-- ayat standard.. answer these for our interview..
a) what do i know about pilot cadet course?
b) how many license i have to get before i became airline pilot?
c) what are the subjects that i have to learn?
d) what is it in all the subjects? explain in details.. (example : human performance, airlaw, etc..)
e) can i sell myself to the airlines after i graduated? (beside having pilot license what qualities do we have?)
f) do i even have the look of a pilot? (kalo dah peribadi pon dah selekeh, bilik tak reti nak kemas, baju pon tak gosok.. hmm..)

soklan no.6 tu la yang selalu wat orang tak lps job interview.. nampak cam bodo2 je kan.. tapi.. lu pikir la sendiri..

kata2 aku mmg pedas.. tapi tu la realitinye.. lebih baik dari ada harapan yang samar2.. lebih baik hadapi realiti yang kejam.. mintak maaf kalo ada yang terguris.. as much it hurts to you all, it does the same to me.. reminder for myself and all of us pilot wannabes..

goodluck to all of us.. see you all in the cockpit..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OCT huh!!!

I think i forgot that I have a blog. Before this everyday I check my blog and try to post something new on it even it doesnt sound good. Maybe I just excited to post before this, right now felt very lazy to check my blog.

Everything doesnt sound good for me now. I keep waiting for good news to come and I can give a big smile on my face. But that not gonna turn me down and giving up. Waiting for this 24th oct, need a bless and I want to realized my dream.

New thing that makes me stay at home right now is playing flight simulator. A joystick help me to fly well, thanks to Adeeb for giving me that thing (you never said anything when you give it to me??hahaha)

Still i dont know what more I can add in...

Good luck for all what we are doing now